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Electricity Powers Afrin City After Long Disruption After a disruption lasting more than 9 years, the local council in Afrin, north of Aleppo, began supplying the city with electricity on November 19th of last year after signing a contract with the Syrian Turkish Energy Company at the beginning of this year. The media office of the local council said in a special statement to Shemana newspaper that the city has been supplied with electricity and the project aims to cover Afrin city and the Jinderes region as a first stage, and then gradually cover the rest of the areas. Regarding the working mechanism, the media office confirmed that the supply will be with a 24-hour system and that the kilowatt-hour price is 68 Turkish kurush according to prepaid cards. Due to the deterioration of the living conditions of the citys residents, the city relied on electricity generators (amperes) at a price of 10 Syrian Liras per 1 ampere, which was operated only for 4 hours a week due to the increase in fuel prices.

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