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Residents of the Afrin area in the countryside of Aleppo, within the area known as "Olive Branch," are eagerly awaiting the return of the nerve of life (electricity) to the city, which is one of its most important features as it will operate 24 hours a day and at prices much lower than the price of a diesel generator subscription. Hamouda Abu Zakour, a resident of Afrin, says: "We will finally end the subscription to the generator, exploitation, and the few hours of electricity." Regarding the actual steps, Hamouda says: "The electricity meters have indeed been connected, and prepaid charged cards are sold for 100 Turkish liras. We do not know if they will be enough for a month or less, and how the electricity supply will be, but we are waiting." The workers of the company are active in extending and repairing electricity lines in the streets of Afrin and delivering meters to homes and shops, where the electricity lines are supposed to start working during the coming period. According to the supplier company, the electricity network lines will feed the entire city, including industrial facilities and agricultural projects, which will contribute greatly to activating the economic wheel of Afrin. Ramz Oghlu says: "According to the promises of the company, electricity work has been delayed, but what we hope for is the continuity of the service without interruption and determining prices that are commensurate with peoples income here." Which company is the electricity importer? The Syrian-Turkish company, "Ste Enerji," is working to supply the Afrin area with electricity after signing a contract with the local council of the city. The company began its work in the "Soran" area by establishing a power station based on diesel generators, and then the project moved to Afrin city, but by importing electricity from the Turkish side." Abdul Basit Nabhani, a media official in the company, said to the newspaper "Habr": "The contract signed with the local councils is an investment that includes the rehabilitation of all electricity lines, and the contract period is ten years extendable." Regarding the mechanism for determining prices, Nabhani explained that they are "determined through tables that are updated every six months, either by increasing or decreasing prices, based on the cost of electricity."

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