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Nine years after power outage ... Syrian city of Afrin receives electricity. The local council of Afrin in northern Aleppo issued a statement on its official Facebook page. The local council confirmed that the power supply to the city of Afrin will start within 24 hours, meaning that Thursday will witness the return of electricity to Afrin after a long outage. The council warned residents of the danger of approaching the power grid lines, urging them to raise awareness among residents and children about the danger of electrical current. Supplying Afrin with electricity is similar to other cities in northern Aleppo such as Azaz and Mare, which were also supplied with electricity through a Turkish company. The Syrian-Turkish Electricity Company issued a statement that Turkey in Arabic was able to review and stated that after nine years of power outage in the city of Afrin, we announce to our people in Afrin that the city has been supplied with electricity today. We ask Allah Almighty to make this service a beacon for the present and future of the region and to contribute to the development of social, commercial and industrial sectors.

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