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Syrian Turkish Energy Company STE
Our company provides electricity, water, and media distribution services with the highest possible quality, and aims to improve the quality of life for citizens and support sustainable development in the areas it serves. Water, electricity, and media are essential services that society needs and many depend on in their daily lives, so we give them great attention. The company team works tirelessly to improve and develop the infrastructure of electricity networks and employ the latest technologies in this field. By relying on modern and advanced technologies, we strive to improve energy efficiency and reduce waste. We also make great efforts to preserve the environment by improving the quality of distribution and reducing pollution resulting from energy use. We are committed to providing high-quality services at reasonable prices to all users and achieving the financial sustainability of the company by setting prices according to production and maintenance costs. We also provide maintenance and technical support services regularly to ensure the continuous operation of the electricity network

Our Vision

Syrian Turkish Energy Company STE
The company seeks to lead in distributing electrical energy and improving its infrastructure and necessary services to provide the highest possible quality for its customers. Additionally, the company aims to provide high-quality services, improve customer experience, and meet their needs in an easy and efficient way. The company aims to innovate and excel in the sector by applying the latest technologies, improving efficiency, sustainability, and preserving the environment in all aspects of its operations.

Company's Tendency

Syrian Turkish Energy Company STE
We are a company that provides electricity distribution services, and we would like to present this message to our valued citizens. We understand that electricity is an essential part of our daily lives, and we work hard to ensure its continuous and safe supply. At our company, we strive to improve the quality and efficiency of electricity distribution, and we continuously work on updating the infrastructure and using the latest technologies to meet your needs in an easy and efficient manner. We also aim to provide excellent services and improve your experience with us as a company. Furthermore, we are committed to preserve the environment and promote sustainability in our work, and we strive to achieve this in all aspects of our work. We look forward to work with you and we are committed to provide our services at the highest level of quality and efficiency. Thank you for your trust. Best regards

Our Community

Syrian Turkish Energy Company STE
Companies that provide electricity distribution services need to adhere to values that reflect efficiency, quality, responsibility, and sustainability. If you are looking for a company that adopts these values, we guarantee that it is part of the vision we adopt. We strive to achieve efficiency in all our services, where we ensure safe and sustainable electricity distribution for all customers. We also care about quality, as we continuously work to develop infrastructure and use the latest technologies to achieve high quality in our services. We also believe in social responsibility, considering ourselves part of the community and striving to meet its needs in a responsible and efficient way. We place great importance on preserving the environment and achieving sustainability, as we work hard to achieve this in all aspects of our work. In the end, we are committed to provide electricity distribution services at the highest level of quality, efficiency, responsibility, and sustainability, and we always strive to achieve this in all aspects of our work. Thank you for your trust

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